Fairly productive day, here’s the news.

I went to the hardware store looking for parts and found these:


The aerial bracket cost me £6.89. Not bad. Doubt it would hold my full weight but i’m hoping it will be strong enough to stop me falling.


Bracket Base


I need to figure out how to bolt this onto my wardrobe, and still have it swivel. I also got a bungee cord which has the same fastening as my harness.


Sadly, even though the bungee is short, it stretched too much. I tried folding and twisting it – no good.

Turns out though I needn’t have bothered. I decided to test the cord that came with my harness, and was pleased with the result.

Bracket retracted

For now I want to place it in the corner, but I haven’t ruled out the middle yet. Still deliberating.


bracket extended

The biggest challenge left could be finding a rotating joint to go on the end. Ideally I’ll find an easy way to adjust the cord length too.


Stress test 1!

I hooked the cord onto one of the curtain rail holders and crouched down to give myself the slack I was aiming for. I then tied it off on the other end. I lunged out to one side to see how far I traveled. While it was a bit further than I wanted, I found it acceptable, and you can always adjust it if you like. You just won’t be able to crouch down as far. This is much better than the bungee, because you could feel the resistance with the bungee as you crouched but it didn’t stop you falling. With the non-flex cord it’s the other way around.

You’ll notice I didn’t manage to fasten the harness, as it’s quite fiddly getting it on at the moment, until I sew it into the jacket. Only had 10 seconds to get into position. Had it on upside down a couple of times!  Notice the burning eyes of intensity.


Jacket straps planned


I’m going to sew straps into the jacket over the harness to make it easier to put on – a bit like the loops in a dressing gown that keep the belt at the front.


More to come.






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