Run! Crouch! Go Prone!

Hello everyone, sorry it’s been so long since my last update.

I’ve been engrossed with the Omni Kickstarter, but enough excuses – time for some news!

While I haven’t begun to assemble anything yet, I have been playing around with ideas,
and improving the design.

My earlier ‘tie-off’ strategy had some problems. It meant that in order for you to touch the
floor with your hand there had to be a lot of slack. So much so, that it would only ‘catch’
you after lunging quite far into the room. This caused me some concern, as I would have to
worry about hitting my head against objects in the room, including the wardrobe.

Also, after studying the Omni videos carefully, it became clear that in order to facilitate
running, you need some kind of support to keep your center of gravity at a certain point,
and my support was too far out. Reining it in would inhibit crouching, and defeat a large part
of my objective.

Then a few weeks ago, I began to wonder if there might be a device out there that could be adjusted
on the fly – kept short for support one moment, then extended for freedom of movement the next.
It turns out there is, and you’ve probably all seen them.

Flexi Dog Lead


The Flexi retracting dog lead.

There is another advantage to this set up. Not only can you now crouch to your heart’s
content, you can also go….


I got the lead in the post this morning and filmed my first test – that’s why I’m fumbling
and looking a bit awqward, trying to find the right amount of slack.
I was hesitant when it came to jogging because the wardrobe
is not bolted to the wall yet and it was shaking a lot, as I expected! Go here to see the video
on my YouTube channel.


Note that I’m only hooking it on the wardrobe, not the swing-out arm
as I haven’t attached that yet, which is why I could only test one direction.

I’m happy to say it worked as well I had hoped. There is a problem with the harness at the
moment however. It’s too loose on me, and because I’m holding the lead at the front, the harness is
twisting around my body. I can either make adjustments to it or get a better fitting one, which
should solve the problem. Note that in the final build the lead will be incorporated into
the jacket so you don’t have to hold it!

Have you pre-ordered your Omni yet? Only 34 days left on Kickstarter!

Later guys,



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