No more Wardrobe!

After some consideration, I have decided to abandon the wardrobe approach… in favour of something better. I was beginning to feel that the design was too complicated. I would have needed to mount the wardrobe to the wall, the support arm to the wardrobe, a hook to the support arm, as well as a bespoke system for rotating it out of the way. It would have reduced storage space, been unhelpful to people who do not wish to use the Omni in their bedrooms, and I would have likely needed to keep removing the contents to make space.

So, what method am I adopting now?

The wall mounted approach.

The key to this is the length of the support arm. The longest I could find was this one from RDX. It sticks out 3 feet from the wall.

wall mounted support


When not in use it folds down like so:

Arm Stowed


Taking into account the attachment ring is set back a little. I stood where this would put me and extended my arms to see if the wall would be in the way:

reach out


No problem with leaning forward to run either:


My one concern here is that the diagonal strut might be in the way. Raising the support would increase the length of the cord, causing me to lean forward too far. It’s hard to tell without a proper assessment but there should be ways around it. Expect delivery within a week.

I’ve also uploaded a video demonstrating the new swivel I’m using:

I tried some cable management strategies and all I can say is I hope the consumer Rift will be completely wireless! It’s not impossible, but there’s a lot of DIY involved to stop the cables tangling otherwise.

See you on the forums 🙂



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